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Our Mission

We strive to create a community of indie developers and support them in connecting and collaborating with each other. To achieve this, we created a variety of opportunities.​

Indie Hub helps developers improve their projects through events, workshops and feedback. In addition, we offer the chance to present to publishers, investors, business professionals and end users at our own game fair and other events organized by Indie Hub.

Our Events

Indie Campus

With Indie Campus, we offer an opportunity to share and transfer knowledge in the industry with experts that will come and speak on various topics. The first edition will deal with the topic of Retention & Monetization. It will take place in Trier, Germany, on September 11, 2022. Maybe you are interested in watching our free Twitch stream.

Indie Game Fest

Indie Game Fest is a curated, annual exhibition of Indie games in Cologne. The event is aimed at Indie developers, representatives of the gaming industry, and private users. Our goal is to connect Indie studios in Germany and Europe and generate more visibility and attention for their creative and innovative products. 
The next Indie Game Fest will take place in June 2023.

Game Executives Dinner

The Game Executives Dinner was launched in 2017. Due to the unique challenges and problems that executives and founders have to face, we offer them the opportunity to exchange and network with each other.
The next Game Executives Dinner will take place in Spring 2023 (Invitation Only)

Indie Developer Stammtisch 

With our Indie Developer Stammtisch, we are open and welcoming to everyone who is involved in the indie game industry. Our goal is to create a community that networks and supports each other in the indie game industry as they develop and design their games. The Stammtisch met for the first time in a bar in November 2018 in Cologne, Germany but now mostly takes place online.
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Our upcoming Project

INDIE Kitchen

With the INDIE Kitchen (working title) we will realize an interactive cooking show, which will bring developers, business professionals and personalities of the gaming industry closer to the audience. In addition, we will use the show to draw attention to the products of INDIE developers. Tune in to the world premiere on Twitch on October 12th, 2022!

The Game Art Expedition

The Game Art Expedition offers artists a digital platform that gives them the opportunity to present their artwork interactively. With this platform we want to bring visitors closer to the unique art that can only exist in computer games.
Artists can sign up for an exclusive beta access via this link https://forms.office.com/r/vUjgrcG4yL

Kristin Janulik Co-Founder & managing Director

Managing Director Kristin Janulik

Kristin is the founder and CEO of the development studio Cubidoo Entertainment and The Art of Games, an online store for high-quality gaming art prints. 

She has over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry. Her skills range from producing and event management to game design and much more. She holds a Master’s degree in Game Design and is an expert in gamification, game psychology and game-based learning. She developed the Game Design curriculum for the Design University Schwerin.

As a serial entrepreneur she has a deep understanding of the foundation and development of businesses. Therefore she has been advising young and experienced teams for several years. Kristin is Deputy Chairman of the Board of games.nrw (a regional industry association in Germany) since its inception. She’s also an active jury member and speaker at different events.

She likes sharing her knowledge and experience and is interested in connecting people. Feel free to reach out to her.

Stefan Schmidt Co-Founder & managing Director

Managing Director Stefan Schmidt 

After working for the Private Health Insurance Association and for one of the largest social media platforms in the world, Stefan decided to dedicate himself to his passion for computer games. Supporting young talent was and is particularly important to him and since he has always loved indie games, he founded the Indie Developer Stammtisch in November 2018.

After visiting an industry event, the idea to create a trade show only for indies was born. In November 2019 he successfully organized the first Indie Game Fest.

His goal is to help create a community within the indie game world that focuses on networking, learning and supporting each other to grow personally and professionally.

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